Paid for 12 Mbps link & installation charges and was provided only 1 Mbps connection.

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Reliance net connect


User ID: 227118492135

Paid Rs.1600/- for 12 Mbps link + installation and was provided 1 Mbps connection. Happened 5 days with no progress even after several phone calls.

On 21st of June : Agent Moglin reached me to collect Cheque and told that connection will provided on same day evening which didnt happened due to cable unavilable.

On 22nd of June : Cable was laid and struggled alot to clear packet loss issue. Agent Moglin phone was switched off when tried to inform the same.

on 23rd of June : Packet loss/delay/latency issue was resolved but was getting only some Kb speed. Techinican escaped saying that he need to troubleshoot at Switch.

Waiting for long time, called up Moglin several times and his mobile was switched off. Somehow contacted his team leader chary and was told that i would be receiving call from Mumbai ( head office ) which was not communicated earlier.

Called customer care to know/lodge complaint, but details were not update to create any trouble ticket.

24th of June: Sunday

25th of June: Customer care says that details are still not updated.

Till today 200 rs was wasted as i was getting only 1 Mbps instead of 12 Mbps.

No one is self responsive including sales agent, his team lead, customer care are either accepting concern or re-directing to right team

Happened 1 week still im getting only 1 Mbps. I believe bill generates for this week though i didnt get required speed.

Hope someone take initiative and help me to get rid of this fraud and habituated service of reliance

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