Pai amount for tratment after that no response and not givving treatment

I am uma from pondicherry and i paid amount and joined kolors healthcare to start my slimming treatment after 8 sittings i cant able to continue treatment and i have to travel 3 hrs from pondi to chennai omr centre.they dint inform or call me and after 6 months later i went and continue treatment but they told u have to pay amount for renewal and get treatment after that i paid 2500 rs to renewal and start 3 sittings after my motherinlaws sick i have to take care of her still now so i asked the to change my card to salem they told i f u change once u have to change completely.i told ok they ask me to meet in omr office and oneday i am waiting there and they told by phone call we will saytill now i dint get msg if i call they told i will enquire abd say.very bad imoression and cheated the amount without treatment so i want to meet or i call to md if i get number and speak directly.

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