Oyo Rooms — False information for booking by oyo rooms

My booking id lnfh9548 for hotel – oyo 17252 hotel everest dated 01/10/2018.
My holidays was at jaipur, udaipur, jodhpur and ahmedabad, accordingly i had booked 2 rooms from goibibo and 2 rooms from oyo, stay with goibibo was very pleasant and memorable, but stay with oyo at udaipur and ahmedabad was very hateful, inspite of complaint for both cases oyo team did not shown any curtsy to extend a simple apology.
I had planned a great holiday with my family of five and searched for oyo at ahmedabad, i wanted my maximum time in a city for for a pleasure of riverfront. But search listed me a hotel property 23 km away from city. How can we expect a holiday time, pleasant stay and enjoy city, traveling all the way 23 km from a city towards industrial area? I had to spend rs. 1600 for travelling to this hotel, and my precious time too.
I spoke to oyo customer support, no one was ready to listen and understand my family position, who had come for enjoyment.
It looks like, a merely cheating by oyo. Great loss by money and time.

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