Overrated Billing and Call Barring

Location/place: White Field, Bangalore

Name of company/service: Vodafone

I am a Vodafone customer for the past 4 years and recently changed my pre-paid plan to post paid on 9th June 2012, within two weeks all my calls both outgoing and incoming were barred without prior notice. In view of this when I called the Customer Care service, I was told that I have to pay a hefty bill to resume the service when asked for the details if I had exceeded any of the package terms I was informed that there wasn’t any exceeding of the package plan but still have to pay the amount. I wasn’t clarified over the phone. Hence when approached the Vodafone Customer Care Store, White Field branch; no proper proof was shown for the over rated bill (1191RS) neither was any proof of my usage shown to me and they are not ready to disconnect my Vodafone connection nor are they willing to resume the service. I was told to pay Rs1191 without any proof of the amount to resume the service. I was also spoken very rudely by Mr. ASIF at the Vodafone Store, White Field, confirming that he won’t resume the service and daring me to do whatever I can. Adding to this I have already paid Rs.500 as an refundable advance. I was also told to wait till the 30th of June to get the proof of the amount but was told to do the payment immediately without the proof of it, to resume the service. Now I am left without any service on my phone for almost a week and all my works are affected because of the poor, rude and untimely service of the Vodafone Telecom Service. And still have to wait till the end of the month without any mode of communication. I hold the Vodafone Telecom Service responsible for my pending work and all the inconvenience cost thus far. Please do the needful to bring justice over this issue and help in the cancellation of this Vodafone SIM and service I no more am interested in continuing with Vodafone Service. I would be very grateful if I get the refundable advance that I have paid (500Rs)and I need a personal apology from Mr. ASIF for his way of approach to the customers.

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