Overcharging for New HP LPG connection

Location/place: Nagpur Maharashtra

Name of company/service: HP LPG dealer

Today dated 19th June 2012 I had gone to book new connection to Distibutor # 19643500 , Prayagraj gas & Dome. Appl, Nagpur. I was told to pay 5000 Rs for two HP LPG domestic cylinders which I paid But I got receipt of Rs 2650 only including 2500 Security deposit and 150 Rs for Regulator. When I requested them why cant I get the receipt of my amount paid which is 5000. I did not get satisfactory answers. They said “they give 2650 receipt to every one, I am the first person who is asking for the receipt of 5000”. I requested them to allow me to talk to their manager, Fortunetly the main dealer (Owner of the shop) was available who asked me to read the affidavit (No relevance to my request) . he asked if I have purchased stove from them to which I said “No , Since I will buy 4 burner stove , and they did not have four burner stove”.
I was then asked to purchased the stove and then they can give me the 5000 receipt. Its mandatory to purchase the stove only from them.
I said I will have to enquire with HP about the exact charges of New connection. They said all rules set by HP.

Here are my queries.

Does HP mandates to purchase stove from dealer ?
Why the original paper contains only deposit amount + regulator charges only .
Why cant you give the invoce/ Bill break up for 5000 Rs.
Since I dont have receipt of 5000 the amount I paid against new connection , Dont you think rest amount is balck money. 5000-2650 = 2350 Rs per connection .

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