Location/place: jammu

Name of company/service: b s n l/ combo plan 299

I have my landline telephone for the last near about 20 years and my average bill is Rs.500/- to Rs.1000/- but I was surprised when I confirm my bill for the month of march &
April, 2010 from your bill inquiry 1955 i.e. Rs.13959/-.Now when every member of my family has a mobile and most of time there is no one at my home such a large amount I cannot even imagine.
Sir, I am one of the old customer and hoping that you will verify the fact and issued me actual bill so that I can make payment and continue my phone service i have confirmed boradband usage in data one i.e 0.9 & 2.07 GB in march & april 2010

BSNL.doc (22 KB)

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