Over pricing/ improper behaviour by cashier

Location/place: Palakkad

Name of company/service: Big Bazaar, Palakkad

Purchased 2 packets of Amul butter vide receipt no. 0014982 and they charged Rs.63/- as cost of the same. Printed price of the item is Rs. 31/- and hence charging 0.50/- extra by Big bazaar is not correct. Other details of the product is as under. Code ni. imprinted on packet of Amul butter is KAP 2141C1.

The matter was brought to the cashier. (His name as per Receipt is Karthikeyan K.P. , but his response was not appropriate. He said he is not responsible for such things,and if needed, you can go to customer case desk.

Here, it is not about involvement of the cost extra charged, but the tendency adopted by big bazaar and improper behaviour by the cashier, when pointed out the matter

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