Outstanding balance on HDFC Credit Card

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: HDFC Bank

I’m not sure where to start, this is because this is ongoing issue since the day I opted for the credit card. First of all, the Sales advisor from the HDFC informed me that whatever purchasing you will do will be changed to EMI. Here is the issue:

1. I was informed that the purchasing done via Credit Card will be changed to EMI, which was not done and even on the call, one of the Supervisor Meenu from HDFC department promised me to make the payment of 5000/- and the amount will be changed to EMI butwas not done. You can check that I made the payment of 5000/- but the amount was not changed to EMI. Your HDFC representatives was as usual Deaf and Dumb who were not listen to anything. The amount was changed to direct debit via minimum payment (which is 5%)

If you check out the payment I’ve made so far and the amount remaining on my Credit card. You will see that I’ve already made the payment of 1,50,000 even my Credit limit was 60,000 only.

My Credit card number is 5176 5210 0516 7442. Contact number is 9990362509, email address : pawan.m[email protected]

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