Outgoing barred for number 9987552362

Location/place: MUMBAI

Name of company/service: AIRTEL


first of all the asshole system of yours shows my bill as 16000.00 for 9987552362 which is not possible anywhich way. I have availed internet facility 99/month which include 2 gb of free usage which was active till 7th of july as on that my bill was being shown as 13885.23 which is impossible because i have no such heavy use. Fuck your system why do you include internet usage in my unbilled amount when it has not exceeded 2gb data usage . then on 7th of july i have activated 3g internet plan 250/ month for 1 gb data usage that is also not exceeded the 1gb limit till now. Then why the fuck you have bared my outgoing call, I have paid you all bills till last month. Improve your fucking system and dont include internet usage in my unbilled amount. I want justification for the same. Some time you are ccharging 100 rupees for game download which i even dont know when i used it. Dont cheat customers. their hard-earned money does not come from your pockets which you are charging for no reason. Activate my number right now or else i will convert it to murdabad ….

ashutosh dhyani

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