ordered material not received till dated (mental harassment)

Location/place: Kosamba

Name of company/service: Home Shop 18

Kind attn -:home shop 18

this is really ridiculous . …

the first experience with homeshop 18 is very bitter .

We will never forget the same in our life .You guyes take your costumers very lightly .

It seems customer satisfaction is not at all important for you , selling the product is the priority .

But believe me this is not going to help you guyes in long term …..

our story is as follows :- last month we booked an order , we didn’t received the product till date . No communications was done from your end initially . Then my husband – mr bhasker joshi has raised several ticket no. In regard with the issue .

Then you guyes became active , and as a result we received a mail from your end saying that courier services are not available at our town so you have to collect the order no from ankleshwar (gujarat) and for the same we have to drop a mail saying that mr X is going to collect the order from our end on our behalf and the photo ID should be attached in the mail . Hence we DID the same as mentioned in the trailing mail .

Now , today we have send the person with the copy of mail and the photo ID proof but the blue dart hub people are saying that they don’t have any communication from your end . Miss firoza , who has gone on our behalf to collect the order no. From all the way from (50 km) from our town and so surprising that the blue dart person is saying that they are not been informed by you and they don’t have any order no in name of mr bhasker joshi or priyanka joshi ..

your representative informed us that the order no is sufficient , but the blue dart person has asked for the awn or docket no. . Which is not provide by you to us .

As well the blue dart person is saying that they have not received the order no . Then how can you people say that pls go and collect the same .

Inspire of asking your representative that are you sure that the order no is delivered to blue dart ,as it is 50 km away from our place ,wrong communication was given to us from your end that the product is delivered their . Hence the visit of miss firoza was a waste as the order no was not delivered their .

Whereby for your information the courier services are available at our town by blue dart services . Their are two renowned companies at our town _birla & piramal and we are availing the services by blue dart hub at our town . You may check the same with mr kirti bhai @ blue dart services @ ankleshwar . You guyes are not bothered to go in details at all.

We have wasted our precious time and money in giving you calls since 1 month .As well as you have mentioned a no. On which the external calls are not permitable in the trailing mail . So we had to call your customer no and the one who attends the call had to be informed again about the issue . Whereby your toll free no . Is not available all the time .

After making several calls one of your executives have given me the aw no :13455821212 but when it was checked with blue dart services , it was not available their .

Do you think time is not important for others .. …

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