Order No. 404-6506-418-324-0313 – Complaint regarding non-receipt of Type C earphone and Rs.500/- cash back

Your response to my Complaint dated 5th November 2018 on the aspect of non-receipt of complementary earphone and Rs.500/- cash back on pre-booked purchase of OnePlus 6t, is not satisfactory. Though you have sent mail regarding credit my account with cash back of Rs.500/-, you have not bothered to revert on my complaint regarding non-receipt of earphone.
Please arrange to credit my account with the entire amount received from me on pre-booked and purchase and take back the instrument. Hereafter, I will not like to deal with you as your non-responsive attitude has shaken my confidence in your Complaint. My precious time is lost in following with you, which is costing me more than the earphone value.

Mr. Kishore Jain
Advocate High Court
Cell No. 99300 33997

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