Online Shopping Fraud of

Location/place: Noida

Name of company/service: InfoSecure Consulting Pvt Ltd / Online Shopping Portal

Sub: Online Shopping Fraud from (Product Not Delivering) M/, M/s. InfoSecure Consulting Pvt Ltd
(Finally I got 2Nd e-mail Reply (After 15 days Since Late Reply) by Asking Need 3-4 Working days More for Product delivery
(This is my 40 Day from my Purchase day) They took my Money on 3-6-2012

My Details:——————————————————————————————–
Name : Y. Udaya Sankar (UdayaChowdary) Art Director
My Order Transaction Id : 10117694
My Order No. : 10265796
My Order Date : 03rd. Jun 2012, 05:38 pm
My Ordered Product : Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 Mobile Phone (P3100)
My Order Cost : Rs, 15,950/-
My Order Payment : Paid Through my HDFC Credit card on (03-06-2012)

1) I have Bought the above said ” Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 Mobile Phone (P3100) ”
Product from on 3-6-2012 Through my HDFC Credit card, as per the Supplier
delivery schedule they have to supply my product with in 10-15 Working days means it has to get delivery
by 22-6-2012, though my 17 times communication through my E-Mail ([email protected] communication to
[email protected], [email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],
[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]) & Several times
My Calls to Support Ph. No. :0135-3051500, SMS ph No.: +91 9899035527, also 95601 14499 from past 7 Working days
These People still no Clarity to Product Delivery Schedule

All these My Communication I only got one Email saying they will delivery in 7 more Working days
means delivery should on 3-7-2012, Nothing in Progress Yet

The Product witch I have Placed Order “Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 “ These people
are telling Due to Out of Stock, we are not able to delivery in time
But the same Product Entry is still in their Site for ready to Sell

About this Issue I have Enough Print Screens Total About the Whole Transaction
And call voice records Soft copies Enough E-Mail References with me

I want somebody Guide me to put an complaint Through Lawyer & Get my Product as soon as Possible
delivery also They have Wasted my Valuable Business Time since last 32 Days for that i need compensation

Need you People help to give Proper Suggestions to Punishment for
such Irrespective E-Commerce Companies Brought up like Mushrooms in India
& Enjoying with customer’s Money by holding Long Time in their accounts and Not Delivering Products in Time
Even I am trying Everyday At lest one Email & One Phone call
Final today after 15 days since the Last E-mail Reply asking 3-4Working days again

for that e-mail I didn’t reply Based on 3 Reasons
A) I defiantly Know that they will not Delivery with in 4 working days
B) 1st. they told 10-15 & asking 5-7 More Days, now Again asking 3-4 working days without any shy
I understand from other Vic-teams of “timtara” this is their Regular Business Style
C) Based on their E-Mail Request again If we Keep Quite they will take advantage & Drag Mare time
This is how they run the Show

So Who are Such Same Less Irrespective Business & Wrong Attitude People Should Punish
at any cost, I still Stick up on my Stand, that These people should get Punish
I need my Product & also Compensation for this Delay, for Wasting my Valuable Office time since 40 Days

I need correct Person to Guide us for Legal Proceedings
for that we are ready to pay Honorable Fee
(the same I can Refund from

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