I would like to bring it to your kind notice that, a Company Called “ Scotland Export and travels “operating from NewDelhi is advertising in the leading Newspaper all over India for part time/ full time job. As per the advertisement The job seekers have to work for this company by visiting other countries for which a remuneration of Rs.60000/- is being paid apart from travelling expenses, food and free accommodation in the visiting country. The job seeker has to contact a mobile number 9811617215 for the job published in the Newspaper. When one is contacted this contact number a person by name Mr. Rahul attends the calls and gives the job description. And also he says that, an amount of Rs. 3520 need to be deposited to an account which is in the name of one Mr. Deepak Kumar , Account no. 50437896734, Allhabad Bank. The amount he says is towards the registration fee. One the amount is paid the details are sent, the job seeker has to send the scanned copies of Passport, Govt Id proof and 3 colur photos to him. He then sends a code no. against the job seeker name. Also, along with this code number he sends contact number of a Team Leader 9891331857 to contact for further details. This team leader by name Mr. Sameer Sharma, gives you a brief description of an upcoming trip and asks the job seeker to deposit an amount of Rs. 13000 which is towards the Insurance and Medical fee which he says will be reimbursed after the trip is completed. Once this amount is paid he will call and inform that, everything is now arranged and the job seeker should be ready for departure and he should come to Delhi where he will be briefed about his trip. Also, he says, an amount of Rs. 25000 is to be deposited as a Security deposit, which will be returned before the departure at Delhi.
This gang which is operating from Delhi is luring job seekers all over India and making a huge money. The Website Scotlandexport and Travels also looks like a fake one and the contact number given in the website is always switched off. Looks like this Gang is well organised with influential persons behind and looting the money of job seekers.
I am a retired person and came across the ad from this company and did not get any doubt as they handled the process in such a manner. I got the doubt when they asked me to pay Rs. 25000 as security deposit.
Kindly note the following details:
Name of the company : Scotland Export and travels
Persons in contact over Phone : Mr. Rahul – 9811617215
Mr. Sameer Sharma – 9891331857
Bank accounts of this Gang: Account in the name of one Mr. Deepak Kumar
Account no. 50437896734
Allahabad Bank
This gang is so clever and do not correspond thru email and only verbal instructions are given. To send the documents they have provided one email id which is [email protected]
My transaction to this Account : Rs. 3520 /- was sent on 5.5.2018
Rs. 13000/- was sent on 8.5.2018

Request you to book a criminal cases against this gang and prevent further looting of money from innocent citizens.
Also freeze the bank account before the gang close the account and leave the country. Since they are collecting the Passport copies, Id copies of job seekers this gang may indulge in anti national activities.
Hence, serious action need to initiated on this company and the gang involved.

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