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Respected Sir/ Madam

I am Jyoti Pahwa from Ludhiana. I want to inform you that I am a job aspirant. For this purpose I uploaded my resume on Naukri. Com and I got several call for job.

One day in feb 2017 I got an e mail from Shine Glow Services. Service partner AxiomRc a recruitment firm . They assured me to provide a job. Firstly they said we only charge 1950 rs. as Registration fee. They dint guide me that after paying that 1950rs. I have to pay 6900rs for interview guidence. I refuse to give but somehow they made me to give that money. I dint tell anyone at my home that i am paying that money to the company.

After that they ask for 15900rs. For software security that they were going to provide me for training purpose I felt like if i will not give that amount, my previous money will also be destroyed.

They said all money you are giving to us is refundable when you will join the job. So i decided to give that money. After i paid such a big amount they again asked 25,000 rs as an agreement amount. I dint have any money left with me. I told them that i dont have any money. I give them 5000rs.more. but they didnt provide me any job. They said give 20000 more then you will be provided by a iob. I told them to refund my money they said it is not refundable.

I then realise that i should not give them that money.

Then after 2 months they call again and said give half amount of that 20000 rs. And we will definitely provide you the job.

Unfortunately, my husband met with an accident. I thought i can support him if i get this job. I again collected 10,000rs.and gave them. I called them several time that i have given you such a big amount please provide me job.

At last they said rule of our company has changed and we first refund ou your money. Your job is comfirmed. They said provide us an account in which 15000rs.are maintained. I gave them that account. They made a purchase from this account and asked for OTP. I refused to give OTP. Because that amount was not mine. It was my husband’s money. But they made me to give otp by promising that you will get all your money within one hour. But till today it is more than a week i didnot receive any money. No job no software nothing at all.

Again in the name of refund they made a transaction of 15000rs from my account. Total amount i paid is 69950 rs.

please sir it is to request you to please help me in this case. I want my money refund. I dint tell all this to anyone at my home. As i dont want that my family comes to know about all this.

please sir i admit my mistake. I am giving you their numbers and names

Aditya- 8742963906
Deepak Mahajan – 8750685038
abhay – 8510081520
Rahul Khanna- 875084910,
and email id is [email protected]

[email protected]

please sir i again request you to help me. I shall be very thankful to you.

Thanks and regards

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