Onida air-conditioners – A major pain in the wrong side

Location/place: Thane, Maharashtra

Name of company/service: Onida

I had purchased an Onida 2 ton split AC from Vijay Sales, in April 2008, for INR 25,000; and I regret that day I did that; that was the biggest mistake I ever committed in my whole life. It had started giving me problems right from the 3rd month of purchase, and has been doing so regularly in intervals of 3 months. Till date I have already spent more than INR 30,000, on repairs and service charges.
The after sales service provided by Onida and its vendors sucks big time, and I have never seen bigger crooks than these vendors in my life. Recently there was an issue with its remote sensor in the main unit, they replaced it, but said that the component does not have any warranty. Till date, I have had to refill gas in the unit approximately 6 times, and each time the vendors charged me INR 3000, for the refill. When I questioned them on the frequency of refill being needed in the unit, their answer was that one refill would only last for about 3 months and not more than that, and they are hell bent on selling AMCs than providing a good service. The people these vendors send across are the biggest imbeciles that I have ever come across. Twice they refilled the gas and forgot to tighten the valve and the gas kept leaking, and when I questioned them about this they said it is normal, and when the pressure went low because of this they refilled the gas and sent me a bill for their mistake, which I obviously did not pay.
I have been using a Hitachi AC for the same time duration which was also purchased on the same date as the Onida one, and that has never given me any trouble or maintenance. This clearly goes to prove that Onida can never live up to the standards maintained by the Japanese companies like Hitachi.
Not that this complaint is going to make any difference to Onida’s customer service or the crappy quality of products manufactured by them, but it will at least save some agony to the many customers planning to buy their products. So, my advice to the people who wish to buy an AC would be to shell out the couple of thousand bucks extra and go for any other AC than Onida.
Anup Kumar
Mobile – +91-9819823720

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