Olivesoft technology in chennai its a fraud company,dont spoil ur life

Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: Olivesoft Technology

Olivesoft technology in guindy chennai is a no 1 fraud company they wont give salary properly , they dont have project also to work.people dont join in tis company n dont spoil ur life.alot of people already
spoiled their life they having only one project tat too cocomo.tats one waste project in tis world n tats their own project for tat company.olivesoft company MD darwin
no 1 fraud he saying tis cocomo will hit the market,i dont no which market it vil hit supermarket r vegetable market.It wont hit dustbin also.tat MD cheating not only the
employee,he cheating builders also.Builders who willing to spoil their career only they choosing tis cocomo project.
Tis company is not a software company its a web designing company the employee working in tat concern all they paid nearly 1 to 1.50 lakhs to tis fraud concern.Business Manager Rajesh is another fraud most
of the candidates joining with his reference.Rajesh better do some broker business for ur face it vil suit nicely.They recruting employee
n saying they vil put in java,dot net project but they never put in tat platform.They working only in PHP platform.fraud Saragan n his allaakai Raja are TL in tat concern
They dont hav enough knowledge to be a TL n they dont no to work in the project.Im challenging both of u ,go out n search for the company no one will recruit u.Best idea to u both
is better go n beg infront of temple atleast u vil get 20-100rs per day,tat vil choose urs face nicely.saragan dupagur TL always sleeping in tat company is tat’s a lodge r company.
Project Manager Joy n Hr Pallavi both waste fellow to work in tat company.without getting salary i dont no how they working in tat fraud concern.Joy doesnt no how to behave wit employee n she behaving like
a prime minister,pallavi dont have enough communication to speak she is a hr.. n pallavi better u both give company to saragan n raja while they begging in temple surely
u vil get a lump of amount.Mostly christian were working in tat concern,dont ever feel ashame to work in tis many days u vil cheat a employees one day surely employees wil turn against u all…
Employee and newly joining employee dont ever join in tis concern n spoil ur life..if u need to spoil ur life u can join in tat fraud concern.

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