Number De-Activation

I bought one postpay number (8122001608) before two months. I gave my own proof, but they activated on some others proof. While proof verification i said my proof which they rejected as wrong one. Im continuously walking to your office for past two months where i dint get any good response. Now my number has been deactivated and your staffs insisting me to take some other number. I need my number back. I paid 300+ money and used only 10+ days. I have paid a bill for that 10 days billing period. Im totally disappointed by the response from your staffs. Please kindly do me a favour and make me to use my number. I have complained this issue twice to [email protected] and” [email protected] but still now i dint get any feedback from them. Kindly do the needful for me.

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  1. 8 years ago

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