Not Settling the Claims

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Frankfinn

Frankfinn is one of the regular customer of United India Insurance Company and have give them tremendous amount of business year after year by taking their various insurance policies, viz. Car Insurance, Office, Medical, Fidelity Insurance etc. etc.
Our observation, in as far as their after sale service is concerned, is that is absolutely poor and not at par with competition.
Whenever we have to take New Insurance Policy, they chase us for premium and when it comes to the settlement of insurance claims, they are least bother to settle the same. So many of our claims have yet to be settled by them for the last 2/3 years. By not amicably settling the claims of their customers, they are cheating them.
Looking into our bad experiences we suggest that nobody should deal with this company anymore if you don’t want to get betrayed at the time of settlement of your insurance claim which they will never settle in time.

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