not satisfied with the product and service of your whirlpool

Location/place: anna nagar,chennai,tamil nadu

Name of company/service: whirlpool

Respected sir,
We bought a new PURAFRESH model-13931 sr no 123400531 on 01-01-2013 at Heaven Service.
Now we had a problem with your product.(1) the problem is bad smell in the water.the service person said this usually happens with the corporation water so it is not advisable for the corporation water. Is that so why you sold the system for the corporation water using people. And also the service person is questioning me why the company sold this system to you.
after the complaint rectified the smell has gone, but the out coming waste water flow increased.(2) after 3 or 5 days the water connecting adopter pipe was broken. complaint rectified with the payment of Rs.600. initially we refused to pay. so they closed the complaint.To rectify the problem they demanded the money. this is also happened in the warranty period. (3) now after switching off the main also the water processing is taking place and the out coming water is coming out without stopping. for this we were asked to pay Rs.200 for NRV. They rectified this complaint by replacing it from the demo machine. service people asked us to pay after sometime. this is also during the warranty period.
this what happened within 5 months from the purchasing of your system. your customer service is very poor. since we are not satisfied with your problematic system please take away the water purifier and refund the money which we paid for the water purifier system Rs.14,000+Rs.600 which was paid for the water adapter. At least in future you please do the needful quality service for not wasting the customers quality time. ( 513062268 dated 31/05/2013)

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