Not returning my refundable money

I got a call from global talent agency Namita sharma +917467037568 .she said I was shortlisted for HDFC BANK JOB. I have to send them my resume so that they can sent that to company and after company confirm my resume I have to pay registration fee 2000, then she will arrange two interview from company (telephonic and hr).Then HDFC bank send me mail that I shortlisted and I have to fill a form .I filled that form and I pay her.After that I give my telephonic by Nagprasad k.s. +919654306183.then later he called me and tell me I was selected I have to fill an Employment verification form from HDFC bank with all my documents for verification. I also filled that.then sir ask me 6250 for verification and it’s mandatory. after that I received a proposal offer by mentioning I have to pay 14100 for hr security. when I deny him he forced me otherwise he cancel my registration and won’t give me any refund. On the same day I got a call from someone from vironika +919971153397 regarding spacejet job. When I asked her, if they ask me for more money than registration fee. She said no. So I just told no before I got a call from a agency they asking me more when I said no to them they are forcing and telling me they won’t give me any refund. Then she told me we from there agency registered under so ask me thier name so I told . after checking and without asking me she cancel my registration file from that company and told me I have to pay 1485 for gst after that I will get the refund when Idid that she ask me more money by telling these are process and she refund me all the money after deducting some money from that so I pay as2180, 2080, 2081, 3840 after paying her that much already she again ask me more money5200 when I say I didn’t tell you to cancel and asking me this much money. Then she said ok then reopen your if You want a job will give you job and you refundable security deposits Because I filled that form and she is from Naukri so I trust her I repopen my fill by paying 6433 more.then she said you have to pay one last deposit 22000 for training deposit I say no but she say it’s last deposit and I paid her already that much money so I give her. But today morning she ask me more 32000 for bond by saying again this is last deposit and I already confirmed it’s with company u don’t have to pay anymore then I strongly deny her I can’t give you any money.then she forced me. when I said no just refund me I don’t want any job she said I have to go through the same gst process to get refund and your money is 48350 so you have to pay 14850 more and we deduct 2000 from that and give you 48350+12330=61200 to you. When I deny she won’t listen to me.when I said I take legal action against you she dont even scared a bit and threaten me that take legal action against me for reopening their file and neither completing their process by giving them 32000 nor closing my file by paying 14850.So I have to do this I don’t have any option ..I also told her to give me a confirmation mail if I pay them 14850 then they will refund .they also send me from mail id [email protected] header name Naukri Team. And send their bank details after I pay her she told me I will got within 20 min and now her phone is switched off.
Please it’s my humble request please help me and tell me what will I do next? this is today case 15 Feb 20 . should I case a file against her or what ?please help me.

These are some screenshot of my recieved mail for getting job but they do not refund my amount yet. please take action for this fraud services and refund my all amount of money (63, 200).my phone number 8338033181

Thank you

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