Not replacement under warranty

I purchased bike Hero Hf deluxe on 27 Nov 2017 in Indore. It has Ceat Tyre and tube. Today, on 09/08/2018 I found fault in tube of front Tyre. Air was leaking beside of tube inlet. I came to Ceat Tyre service centre which is out of main city and they don’t have a mechanic there. They told me that I need to come with tube alone. For that had to go main city for tube removal and then returned to their service centre with tube. Now they say that they don’t cover lnlet in warranty. While meeting first time I already told them that TUBE inlet is coming out-of tube. All my toil gone into waste.

First of all there should be a mechanic who can check all sort of things at their centre. Second thing they could have told me at first time that inlet is not in warranty.

All staff and company is totally irresponsible who want to harras their customers. All these tactics to discourage customers so that they don’t come for any replacement.

I hope somebody will listen to my complaint.

Best regards,
Dheeraj Sharma

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