Not repairing my Nokia C6,not refunding me money, and also not giving me a new phone

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Nokia

I purchased Nokia C6 worth Rs 12,500 in August,2011. In the fourth month of
its use, the slider of the phone had Display and touch screen issues, I
told Nokia Care Centres to replace my phone but there was a straight “NO”
from the managers in service centres. They repaired the phone and gave me
back. In the 10th month of the phone usage, again it had Touchscreen
issues, but still they did not agree to replace my phone. They took the
phone from me for about 20 days to send it to their Head office for
repairing it. In june 2012, my phone again had some slider and software
issues due to which Nokia care people took my phone again for like 10 days
to repair and give it back to me.I had to extend the warranty period of the
phone by giving them Rs500 because I was not pretty sure how many days C6
will work properly.
Nov’2012, my phone’s display was gone again. Nokia care people took the
phone from me and now they are saying it cant be repaired cuz its a known
issue with Slider phones. They are ready to REPLACE my phone now with
Nokia-603 and that too its not a FRESH piece. They are giving me some
random Nokia-603 phone and that too with no warranty. They say that it
would hold the same warranty which Nokia-C6 held. I am without my phone
since past one month and Nokia is actually not bothered for anything.The
company itself is not able to repair the faults in their own products they
have manufactured.
Managers in the service centres are just sticking to their company’s
policies,We cant do this, we cant do that, that is all they have to say
every time I go to them.
Nokia has LEFT ME WITH NO CHOICE. They are forcing me to take this
Nokia-603 which is not at all a fresh piece and also it is NOT BEING
MANUFACTURED BY THE COMPANY NOW. Again if some problem occurs with this
phone, I’ll have to run to service centre and might have to invest money
again in repairing it.Company is just clearing there stock by giving me
this stale piece of phone. No one is there to even value my money that I
spent on Nokia-C6. I am wasting my Time and Money in calling and running to
Nokia Care centres but the staff is not at all helping me out with anything.
I want my MONEY back!! I wont ever recommend anyone to go for Nokia from
now on because they are not ready to help their customers, they just want
to sell their product, thats it!!
If the company can not manage their customer’s problems and issues with the
products they manufacture, they should atleast not cheat people this way!!

Can you please help me out that what should I do in this case to get my
money back from them, cuz i am seriously NOT LEFT WITH ANY CHOICE right now.
My money is going wasted this way and Nokia is taking full advantage of
this situation.

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