Not refunding my money into bank account

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On 13th may 2012 i tried to recharge my bsnl mobile with Rs.42 online from But, it didn’t happen. So, they( transfered Rs.42 in my e-wallet. There was a option to transfer amount from e-wallet to my bank account. So, I requested for transfer of my money to the bank a/c. On 14th may 2012 I made a request on their site about not refunded into bank a/c, they([email protected]) replied it takes 7-10 working days to transfer money. Now more than three weeks have gone, still my money is not credited in my bank a/c. I have sent them new requests still no reply only I get a system generated thank you message from their([email protected]) side. Plz help.

I am not able to upload e-receipt so I have pasted below.
Dear Reejesh
Folowing is your Order Summary:
Order Number: 12051311000136
Order Date & Time: 2012-05-13 15:08:34
Paymnet Mode NetBanking (State Bank of India | Bank Ref. No:
Sr. no. Discription Status Amount(Rs)
1 Mobile Recharge of Rs. 42.00 for BSNL mobile no. 9480675543. Refund to bank
Total Amount 42.00
For any help, mail us to [email protected] with your Order Number or visit do mention
the Order Number for any issues related with this order.|[email protected]
*This is an electronic receipt generated on 2012-05-17 15:42:40 *
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