Not refunding my amount

Respected sir/madam,
This complain is regarding not refunding my amount by the college.
I want help from your side please help to get my money back.
I have registered 1 of the college which name is taxila business school,jaipur.after one week I asked them to refund the registration amnt.bcoz I m nt able to pay the whole 1yr money.I told them I can’t pay whole money at a time bt they said no you hav to pay else u have to pay some financial was not too gud so how can i pay them whole 1yr money then I asked them to refund registration amnt which is totally refundable amnt conducted by AICTE.before 30th june any of the college without any excuses they refund all money to the student.
I talked them to refund my money 1st three time they said no in our clg refund is nt when I told them AICTE all approval clgs rights to refund registration amnt.then the director of that clg said me we will refund you money after admission process.we are busy now a days u will contact us 1st week of july will refund they are excusing now we will not refund u applied late.And I also mail them before 30th june about my refund.
Sir this registration amnt 50,000 is vry imp. For me bcoz it mean alot I m having so much financial problem that’s why I asked for your help.I have done so many complaints here n there, but no solution came out at last i also said them i will do case upon ur college then they said ok u do.
Help me please to get my money back its my grantly request from you.
Your’s obediently,

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