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Hello .. My name is isha sood.. I have a complaint regarding bus bearing no 3469.. me and my husband had to board bus on 14th June ,19 at 8:00 pm near Majnu ka Tilla in Delhi..we called driver to wait for us having no 8628811405, as we got stuck in a traffic jam and reached in 10 -15 minutes.. but he left us and took the bus off…we continuously called him and after request he said he will stop the bus after getting out of the huge traffic area and asked us to chase the bus where ever he stopped he would get us on the bus…the driver is so uncooperative that multiple times we called him and requested him to stop the bus but he made us fool all the times and not giving us the exact location of the bus.. on asking him that I am a lady passenger with my husband and urgently we have to attend the function at Himachal at bir he did not give a clear ear to our saying… We followed him several kms but he clearly said I could not do any to the company .. I have all the screen shots of our calls and the recording with the driver with such harsh words.. I requested northern travels to refund our money and take strict action towards driver so that he could not repeat same thing to others..we booked our bus tickets through Paytm but after complaining them multiple times they din’t resolve our issue.. its been 15 days but we have not received a single mail from any side.. I humbly request you to pay attention regards our complaint and help us regarding this issue… Thankyou in advance..

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  1. 2 years ago

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