Not refunded my money

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: books4u

I’ve ordered a book online through the site But I didn’t get my book.After sending mails so many times to them, they replied me that my ordered is cancelled since the book was out of stock.I thought they will automatically refund my money to my account. But after about 15 days also, I didn’t get my money.Again I sent them mails requesting to refund my money. But they didn’t listen at all. I made a call to them and their staff said that my money has already been refunded and it will be credited in my account within 7 days.Again I waited not only 7 days, for 10 days.Lokk friends, How they are harrashing. Then I sent a mail again to refund my money. They sent me a mail on july 13 that “Today your money will be refunded” But again they proved as liers. No money from them has been credited to my account. One of my friend had a talk with them about the refund on july 16th. They again lied my friend also telling that at 1.40 p.m. they had refunded my money. But upto 7 p.m. also, there is no refund of money from them to my account. Look friends, kindly dont use this site and take necessary steps to give a lesson to them for their cheating with the consumers.

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