not refund my amount

Location/place: Nidadavole

Name of company/service:

Location/place: NIDADAVOLE
Name of company/service:
I had done a mobile recharge of 1310 Rs on 8th July through and the amount was deducted from my Bank account but there I got no balance in my rechargeitnow Account.I was not given any Transaction ID but I got recorded transaction done to rechargeitnow from my Online Bank Account. The response they gave me was that they did not recieve positive confirmation for any of my payment attempts on 8th July.
I want to take a very strict action to be taken against them.
The Details:
Date:8 Jul 2012
Website :
Date/Time:08-07-2012 04:48 PM
subscriber ID :41044078974
order ID:R89612208712
payment gateway :CCAVENUE
payment status:SUCCESS
transaction ID:64662097
recharge status:FAILURE
IP address :

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