Not receiving OTP or SMS alerts for Internet banking

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am an NRE customer in Shivpuri branch, Madhya Pradesh and My Mobile is registered to Belgium. I am not receiving SMS alerts or One Time Password (OTP) to make any online transaction. I have been facing this issue for roughly a year now. Being an NRI, it’s not possible for me to visit the branch in case of any issue; I either send an email stating my problem or ask my family member to visit the branch on my behalf. However, I never got a reply to my email from the bank. On each visit by my family member, they tell that the issue will be resolved.
My mobile number is registered with the bank. I have tried several times however no luck. Now, I am not able to use my internet banking at all. Recently, I have also tried changing my mobile number only to face the same issue again. As changing the mobile number was my last hope to receive the SMS alerts and OTP, I would really appreciate if you could look into the matter and get it resolved ASAP or at least provide another alternative to transfer my money to other account, if OTP problem cannot be solved anymore.
Kind regards,
Shruti Bakshi

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