Not Providing Three Months Salary to its Employers

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Ahead Designs

I joined or on August 2011 as a Senior HTML Developer. They promised to provide me a monthly salary of Rs. 25,000/. I have the papers with me. From the very first month they were unable to provide me the salary on time. I received the salary of August & September by continuously poking them in late ventures. I didn’t received the salary of October, November & December of the year 2011. On continuosly asking them for the salary of these three months, the Founder Mrs. Indrani Das provided me only Rs. 3000/- & she said she will be giving me all the money in few days. I was continuosly asking for the money for the time being, she asked to leave the company as she was unable to pay me the high amount but she promised that she will be giving me the money. I left the company. I & my parents started calling her for the money over phone but all was in vain. Till date I have a due of Rs. 72,000 from them. Now they are not taking our calls. All calls are going in vain. The company was in Systron Building in Saltlake Sect 5. Now they have shifted to dumdum. The addresses can be found from their web addresses. We the old employers are trying lot to get our money back. Some have received, some not. My amount is very high, that dramatic woman is not providing any money to me. But she has also charged me back that I am disturbing her & also hampering her websites. This lady is totally a fraud one, she simply shows that she is the mother of whole world & takes people in her organization & doesn’t provide us with the said amount. Please help me in this situation, I am helpless & I badly need the money. As I am all alone I donot want to do any police work. Please Help me……Thank You.

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