Not providing promised services after receiving money

This (copy pasted below this message) was the mail I sent to OYO rooms during my visit to Bangalore when I had a booking with oyo. Noting my complaint, on telephone and mail I was promised 1000 rupees refund.
After I checked out and contacted them about refund, they directly denied the refund.
Considering this is a small amount, they (oyo rooms) took it for granted that I wont or can’t raise this issue any further. But it’s a matter of non professional bahaviour and cheating the customer. This behaviour should not be promoted

My mail to our rooms on 26 the may
i encountered a few problems with oyo room booking in bangalore
1. OYO sent me wrong location of the property which wasted my 1 hour extra at 1 am in the night searching for tye property.
2. on arrival i was told all rooms are full in spite of my booking online
3. i was given option of one remaining room where tv is not working and the charges will be same as decided.
4. I took the room as I was left with no other choice at 1am in the night. after taking the room i discovered the AC is also not working.
5. I came to banglore for an important academic conference.
i needed hassle free stay to keep myself comfortable and get maximum out of my academic course.
6. its now 2.25 am in the night and i am still awake
now please keep yourself in my place before you say something, and then tell me what next.

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