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I have completed my PGDFM + MBA in 2014. And it has been 4years till now(2018). I have not received passing certificates. Everytime whenever I call Jigar (concern person) he always tell me will provide you same with end of week . You will receive documents in 7 to 10 days. And than when I call he never give answer to my call or messages.

Know I have got a job opportunity from one of top IT companies of whom I was chasing from 7 years whose HR told me that they need passing certificates without which they cannot process my offer letter.
When I spoke to NIBMS staff name Neha about same and said that either this time give me my complete documents or I will take action.

Neha spoke with me very rudely and started insulting and humilating me as if I am asking some favor from them. Again did same promise we will provide you within 7 days. Know the company has given me ultimatum That either you provide us documents by Thursday or we will reject your profile.

I went there and spoke with the another colleague and requested her to tell the concern person to please call me and discuss this issue once he is available.
But as always I did not received any response from them and because I am in need, I kept continously trying contacting them. I have called them so many times sent plenty of messages requesting please give me reply. But have not received even one reply from them on my call or message.

And atlast finally when Jigar answer my message and confirmed me he will give my documents by Thursday evening.

On Thursday when I call and message him for documents he gave me number of another staff name Krupa .

When I call Krupa he told me he has not prepared my documents and will not give me because not Jigar niether Neha inform him.

Like seriously It’s have been 4 years and they have not prepared my documents till date.

And know the situation is I might loose such great opportunity because of NIBMS.

Please help me.

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