Not paid salary May 2012 by previous company

Location/place: Pune Maharastra

Name of company/service: Anuva Technologies

This is Gaurav Srivastava ,I worked with Anuva Technologies during (9th April 2012- 1st June 2012 ) as Business Development Executive. On 1st June 2012 suddenly My manager and HR Manager terminate me they told me your performance is not good that why we are terminating you even they havent give me any notice period .And committed me you will get salary of May 2012 with 30-45 days time .I request him so many times why you are terminating me ,please give me time because i knew that one of my project is about to come on with 5-6 days . But they haven’t listened single word,

Till that day i am in touch with HR and commit me that you will get salary before 15 July 2012. When i called today for salary sudden HR told me you will not get any salary I asked why earlier you commit me for the same and now you are saying that ,Then i reached office for same and words with HR he told me performance was bad that’s why your salary will not give ..We have to analyze what you worked here again we will discuss about the salary

Still i don’t understand that how can you judge the performance in 50 days time
where condition is like :-
a) No body was ready to guide me
b ) And the things was new to me in terms of technical as well,
c) I was having experience in domestic market not for the international

Please any one suggest me what to do on that case I am seriously belongs to poor family i have to pay education loan and i am the only responsible person

Thanks and Regards
Gaurav Srivastava

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