Not install the digital t.v. H.D. set top box but deduct amount for that.

Location/place: Village-Sarrang,P.O.-Jahalda,P.S.-Egra,Ddist.-Purba Medinipur,West Bengal,pin-721443

Name of company/service: Reliance Digital T.V.

I am a consumer of reliance digital t.v. bearing smart card no.-200568059090.I interested to install a reliance digital t.v. H.D. set top box.Customer care advised me to recharge my account with sufficient amount and they replace my old set top box with new h.d. box within next 24 hour.On 31/05/2012 i recharged my account by Rs/-3000.On 01/06/2012 i requested customer care for new h.d. box.They told with in next 24 hour they could replace that.After three days i contact again with them,they again promised the same.After five days they told that they talk with distributor,they should contact with me.Next two days the customer care told me the same.On 07/06/20012 i received a s.m.s. from reliance digital t.v. in my registered mobile No. that Ultra sharp 1 pack activated on my smart card number. Customer care told there might be some mistake and took a complain.After two days When i asked customer care they told there was some problem and they would contact with us.I need not contact them. Then three times they call me and took my smart card no.But there is no result.On 15/06/2012 when i again call them they told me they install h.d. box on my connection.But i don’t get that.I told them.They again asked my smart card no.When i checked my account balance there is a deduction of Rs./-2500.Customer care told that the charge for H.D. box.But i do not get the h.d. box still now.Yesterday when i again called the customer care and told the problem they told me that they need some verification and disconnect the call.I don’t get the h.d. box but loose the money.Please tell me what have i to do?

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