not get phone from uk.

Location/place: vadodara

Name of company/service: not get phone from uk.

one company advent mobile store, from quikr ,contact me that u can get iphone at cheper price….they told me that u have to pay hafe pament as part pament….and remaining amount have to after getting ur phone…….adn they told me that there is no any other charges……today 18/7/2012 …i got call taht u have to pay remaining amount for costum clear…..and i did….tahn i got call taht u have international trading licence….i said no….than they tell me that u have to pay 48500 to get licence … please help me to get my 53500 from them…i have all reciept of bank, there mobile number ,there account number, please

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  1. 8 years ago

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