Not Delivery of Complete Package which was ordered Online later converted to IVR transaction

Location/place: Pune/Maharashtra

Name of company/service: Tata Sky Cable Services

I had ordered Tata Sky premium package which included
1. Tata Sky HD connection.
2. Initial Installation.
3. Business Outlook Magazine.
4. Clear Trip voucher of 3000 Rs.

I was ordering the above package Online.
Online system was down so I called Tata Sky Customer Care representative for help.

The Customer care representative told me to order the above package through IVR, at this point of time he didn’t told me that ordering it through IVR won’t provide me with Business Outlook One Year subscription and Clear Trip voucher of 3000 Rs.

At any point of time during the conversation I was never informed that I won’t be getting the 3rd and 4th item of the initial package. I was in an impression that the Business Outlook magazine and Clear trip voucher will be received in 1 or 2 days but it never came.

After some days I lodged a complaint in Tata Sky about this incidence. The Complaint number is “1-15158042359”.

It took around 1 month to investigate and on 16th July 2012, Tata Sky customer care told me that they are sorry and won’t be able to provide me with the Business Outlook magazine subscription and Clear Trip voucher.

My point here is if Customer Care have told me at the point of payment about the change of content of package I would have not ordered it.

This is a Fraud made at the time of Sale and Customer won’t be in a position to know about details unless told by the Customer Care Representative.

I request to hear the Original Transaction Audio to know what exactly happened at the particular transaction.

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