Not able to get a refund from Airtel on Broadband subscription

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Airtel


This is Praveen Jadav S, currently residing in LKR Nagar, RMV II Stage, Lottegollahalli, Bangalore – 560094 & subscribed for a Airtel broadband connection around March 2011 through the airtel representative by name Kumar (his mobile number – 9632222289 & 9739436244), where in he Said that he will get me a broad band connection now even though my application was rejected in past (has it was not feasible & was refunded by Airtel in early 2010) because as per the new promotional plan (i.e., IP TV promotion & based on # of connections which is being subscribed – which was 3 connections) he would talk to his higher ups & get the connection for me.
In order to get that done Mr Kumar took 6 months rental in advance (i.e., as per the Alpha 3 GB plan which is 649*6 = 3894 plus the modem charge of 500.00 nets up to 4,394.00. and the same was paid to Kumar in cash after duly filling in the application form (bearing – TBLR 255947).
After that there were several follow ups with Kumar & Airtel representatives via phone / email which was of no use.

So would request you to help me in getting my Subscription amount of 4,394.00 from airtel.

Let me know if you need more info on this front & i can be reached on 9980013177 (from 2pm to 5 am) or email – [email protected]

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