not able to access my account

the card was lost in November 2018 which is a year back. since November 2018, I have made several attempts to get my debit card but it has not been issued till date which is 5 November 2019. just to update that I randomly checked my account details and shockingly I came to know that it has been delivered on 25 October 2019 to some stranger who is not at all related to my family. I requested them to deliver my card at a nearby branch itself but they have delivered it to home that too to some irrelevant person.
I belief this is breaching of my security and my card can be misused and if its misused , who is going to be held responsible , also to add on when I talk to customer care and made them to realize their mistake ,they disconnected my call and blocked my number so I can’t contact them back.
I really want an action to be taken against highly irresponsible action of icici bank.

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