Non Responsive behave of Voltas

Location/place: Muzaffarpur

Name of company/service: VOLTAS

I’m also employee of TATA group and I feel very bad about VOLTAS product. I have bought this product because of my trust in TATA. But now I feel that i have lost my Rs. 35,000. From June 2012 I’m struggling on this. Finally I have raised ticket (12JU1307812, 12JU2907664, 12JL2406078). You can very well see this ticket history.

I purchased a VOLTAS vertis Patinum 5* 1.5 split AC (Model No. 4501460, Machine Sl. No. : 4551346A12D002654) from Pawan Onida Arcade, Tilak Maidan Road, Muzaffarpur on 06th June’2012 and installed the same at my local residence at Sikandarpur on 07.06.2012. Power supply not on that time, so next day on 08.06.2012 I call Mr. Vinod, a Votas technician, who has installed the AC, for demo, but again in the mean time power has gone then he verbally describe the function and told when power will come you run it. But when we ON the AC a sound will come then I ringed him but he didn’t respond then at last I lodged the complain on 13.06.2012 (Complain No.: 12JU1307812). Your service Engineer/Technician has visited after six days from date of complain and checked and told me the problem was due to some loose connection. But again AC was functionally off automatically on 27.06.2012 just after 6 to 7 days from the last visit of your technician.
Then again I have lodged the complain (complain no. 12JU2907664) on 29.06.2012 and called to the VOLTAS customer service N number of times. There was no response.
Then I contacted Mr. Rajiv ( Mob. No. 9931473617) Incharge of VOLTAS service center at Muzaffarpur and complained the issue. After few days a person (Mr. sarbar) from Muzaffarpur VOLTAS service center came and checked the unit and told the problem in PCB card and asked the zerox copy of Invoice, take it and go back and assure me he will com back very soon. But after 10 days he again wants the zerox copy of Invoice, then again I handed over the same to him. There was no response after that, again called to the VOLTAS customer service N number of times. There was no response.
Then through the internet I got the mobile no. (+919304141199) of Area service manager, Mr. Mahtab Alam and ringed him but he told he has left the Voltas and given the Mobile no (+919308252470) of Mr. Gaurav and complained the issue. After the contiguous request to Mr. Gourav, Mr. Anuj and Mr. Rajiv (Incharge of Muzaffarpur service center) then again Mr. Sarbar from VOLTAS came with the wrong PCB card, which is not compatible with this model.
Voltas has already taken 35 days but not able to solve the problem it means there are some major manufacturing defects and Voltas people are misguiding me.

Why I need to bear the manufacturing defect? I request VOLTAS to kindly consider the customer needs and provide us wit a replacement as soon as possible. From June month I’m struggling/in touch with VOLTAS on this issue.

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