Non responsive after sales service

I booked an automatic washing machine at Reliance Digital , Axis Mall, New town on 09/03/2019 which was delivered at my flat at Newtown on 10/03/2019. The packing of the machine was opened by the service engineer of Samsung who visited my flat for demo. But during opening of the packing , there was found a scratch on the machine for which I want to reject the machine once. But the service engineer told me that the said part will be replaced immediately and accordingly I accepted the machine. The service engineer along with me lodged the complaint with the dealer immediately and they have confirmed that the machine will be replaced immediately as the machine is within the warranty period. I personally visited the Reliance Digital and lodged the complaint. After one week I tried to contact with the dealer as well the service engineer but they are found reluctant to receive the call. Some times , the machine gives the wrong command for which I wanted to contact with the concerned service engineer of the Samsung but he has been found reluctant to respond my call in all time . I also tried to contact with the dealer from where the machine was purchased . Hardly once or twice, they responded but no positive answer was received from them. They always give me falls commitment for changing the parts. However , till today they are not able to change the same and from their expression it has been observed that they are not at all in the mood of changing the parts. For their unfair business trend we the consumers have to suffer in spite of payment as demanded by the dealer has been made. So we are to take your help for resolving the issue since we have to pay our hard earned money for the same. Now I am adamant to replace the machine with new one as I have to bear mental agony after non response from the both end. Your kind cooperation in this regard is highly solicited.

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