non reliablity of product

Location/place: surat/Gujarat

Name of company/service: HP computer

Subject :- hp product no CNF0497DNJ

Reference :- invoice of cps billing no R1/706. dated 20/07/2011

I have been using your product HP Laptop product NO CNF0497DNJ , model NO G62
From the attachments you will find that during the warranty period I had to visit your service center for getting the product repaired due to “over heating’ and “non-functioning of Wi Fi connection . On both the occasions the laptop was though restored lasted functioning for a very short time which mean that your product is having manufacturing defect and thus not reliable . You are therefore hereby informed to replace the same and take notice to ensure within seven days. As I am a professional doing consultancy work I cannot afford to work without laptop and suffer financial loss.
Your failure to replace will compel me to initiate Legal Proceeding against you.

Jalpan MEhta

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