Non Refunding of Money

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Idea Cellular Ltd.

Today i have done online recharge of Rs 36 as ratecutter to reduce my call rates.
But no service os provided to me. When i call customer care they told me taht i have done recharge of wrong amount.

Amount should be Rs 37. I told them to use Rs 36 of my account and Rs. 1 from my talktime Balance and please provide

me the service. The guy told me service will be activated in 24 hrs. But service is not provided. When i call again the new

guy told me that no service will be provided nither money will be refunded.

Later in the night, Rs 17 has been deducted from my account. When i call customer care again. they told me some dialer

toe has been activated. they call me and i press some button and service is subscribed to me. and He again refused to

refund my money.Sir, i have not recieved any call nor i have applied for any service.

Company has robbed me twice in a same day. I request you please take some action and please help me in getting my

money back. and Stoping these companies from taking advantage of comon man. they are robbingus in the name of

service. as they know cellphones are neccesity of today.

I request you to tkae some action and please not made this compalin as 1 another unattended compalin.


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