Non refund of token amount

Sir, I visited home and kitchen solutions Sco 34 above subway ,sec 82 Mohali on 25/10/17. I enquired about modular kitchen and discussed plans with malkitsingh( shop owner). He insisted to handover him some token money.i advised that as I have not decided design and colour combination and moreover florri d of house is still pending and will take at least 5 months to get completed.
The next very morning his very old mother came to my office all of sudden and advised that his son has send her to collect Rs 50000 from me. I denied , she made me talk to her son ( malkitsingh Singh) whom I clearly told that I won’t give any amount without receipt. Malkitsingh advised me that he will handover me receipt later on and assured me not to worry
about token money, if things could work out he will refund me the same Considering her mother’s old age and efforts I handed over her Rs 5000.however due to budget constraint I drop the idea of modular kitchen and informed malkitsingh Singh about the same he said we can visit his shop for refund. Sir, till today we have visited his shop n no. Of times,but Everytime he make excuses.on 3/01/2019 he made me wait for 2 and half hours in the parking of his shop ,in the end he advise that he will himself call me when he get free but he didn’t call nor he picked up my calls .Next day he said he will send someone to my house with refund but no one came.after making me wait for more than 1 hour on Sunday morning in parking lot, he denied to refund any amount.
Sir kindly take action against him as he harrassed me and I wish he do not do the same to other customers in future.

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