Non Refund of Rs 680.00 – Fraud

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service:

I booked a ticket on on Friday around 05:00pm, while booking after giving my bank details it got processes but no ticket was sent on email nor on message. Hence I called Travel Yaari to check what the issue was and also since I neeeded e ticket printout to Travel, when I called them a Customer Representative informed that the payment was not processed hence I should re book the ticket, but when I checked my bank details I saw the amount debited on it. I called Axis bank and they informed that it was a sucessful Transaction and Payment Reference Number through which payment was made is 43802414, hence Travel Yaari should Refund the amount. I called Travel yaari again asking for Refund, now another person responded and said refund will be made in 1 day and I should call and Inform about the Non process of Order Number 2344648 and they will credit Rs 680 to the same account from where payment was made. He also asked me to book another ticket so that the have a booking showing same seats and name booked as earlier was auto cancelled by the site. Now repeatedly I am calling them but they did not refund my money. every person who responds sayd No information availble and someone will call but No one does. Please help

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