non refund of Processing fees

Location/place: kolkata

Name of company/service: DHFL

i have applied home loan of Rs. 1200000 in dhfl vide appl. no.00747198 on Dec 11 . i gave all the papers they need and paid the processing fees of Rs. 5515 .before getting all my document they contacting regularly.then two weeks later they dont inform whether my loan as been sanctioned or not.i called him but they dont pick my call.if they pick the call, says that iam travelling or iam in meeting call you later.after that they informed over phone that only Rs.43915 is sanctioned out of Rs.1200000. i was denied to take the loan amount.further i have applied on april 12 but they rjected again. main aim of the DHFL company is receive the processing fee after that they wont contact please refund me the processing fees of Rs.5515 as early as possible. .

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