Non refund of money/ Non replacement of the wrong size shoes

It is very unfortunate that i am facing unethical behavior from Snapdeal. I have ordered 3 pair of shoes for me and my two kids. In all the 3 products supplied by snapdeal there were problems. Details are as under-

1. Order ID – 22651096705:
Against the order UK-10 size, for my elder son, shoe is supplied by snapdeal is US-10, This size is one size lower than the ordered size and not usable. we have even requested that if return is not possible it must be replaced with the correct size of shoe UK-10 (US-11), so that even after poor quality concern it may be used and my hard earned money do not waste completely. But this request also denied by Snapdeal. Now this product is lying with us unused. VERY SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOUR. FEELING CHEATED.

We also ordered 2 more pair of shoes with following order IDs having quality issues and wrong product delivery.

2. Order ID – 226116785586:
The color of shoes supplied by snapdeal was not the color ordered. Finish of the product was also very poor. snapdeal denied to replace or return money..
3. Order ID – 22543359465
It is surprising that after poor quality concern and repeated requests no efforts have been done by snapdeal for return or replacement.

My experience with snapdeal is VERY very bad. After repeated effort snapdeal is denying for any action for above problems. On calling to the help center no person is talking nor trying to resolve the problem. DUE TO THIS UNETHICAL BEHAVIORS I AM FEELING HARASSED. My hard earned money is wasted. VERY SHAMEFUL ON PART OF SNAPDEAL.

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