Non refund of money

Location/place: Vishakhapatnam

Name of company/service: Timtara

I’ve ordered a digital camera on Timtara website on 03-Mar-2012 and paid rupees 8,700 online. The Timtara policy for shipping was within 7 working days. But till one month I didn’t receive my order. On 05-Apr-2012, I registered a complaint (after confirming that Timtara has no stock of the ordered model of camera on phone) for the refund of the money. According to Timtara’s policy the amount will be refunded with in 7 working days. Till date, even after 4 months, inspite of continuous reminders to customer care on phone, the refund was not done. Even the amount was not transferable to purchase other item within Timtara.
I request to do the needful for the refund of my money and send a warning note to the Timtara people not to repeat such events with any other customer.

Thanks in advance.

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