non-refund of full air fare

Location/place: Summer Hill, SHIMLA (H.P.)

Name of company/service: AIRLINES

Booked flights from Jaipur to New Delhi and New Delhi to Shimla on June 27, 2012 through in Kingfihser Airlines.
Make my trip Booking ID NF 2513818121524
Flight No. IT2314 from Jaipur to New Delhi at 7.45 a.m (PNR DUOBJA)
Flight No. IT4353 from New Delhi to Shimla at 9.45 a.m. (PNR DUOBJA)
Total amount charged INR 7116
SMS on mobile (09418030065) on 14.06.2012, 7.30 p.m.
“ Flight IT 214 JAI DEL has been combined with IT 2313 and will now depart at 1910 HRS for New Delhi.”

Cancelling the scheduled flight without providing a link to second sector flight i.e. Delhi to Shimla
Contact with the call centre of makemy, advised for cancellation of both the flights and and booking some other convenient flight . Assured full refund of INR 7116.

Services agreed upon were not provided by the airlines and arrival in Shimla on 27th noon thwarted. However, cancellation charges amounting to INR 1200 deducted from the refund confirmed by the travelling agency. Only a refund of INR 5916 is being confirmed instead of INR 7116 despite the fact that the scheduled flight on 27 June 2012 leaving Jaipur at 7.45 a.m. was cancelled. Thus the airline failed to provide services to connect me to the next flight for shimla from New Delhi which is breach of conditions of agreement with the customer .
Appropriate action in the matter is requested.


Y.K. Sharma
H.P. University Shimla 171005

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