Non Refund of Fixed deposit in time

Location/place: Pallavaram chennai

Name of company/service: New Indian Express Madurai P Ltd

Based on their advertisement in their daily newspaper I have deposited some amount with the New Indian Express(Madurai) two years back and the F.D, has got matured on 5th July 2012. I have surrendered the F.D receipt to the above company duly discharged for making repayment.As I am urgently in need of money I have made several telephone calls to the company and there is no proper response. The officials who have attended my calls have promised me to send the cheque within a day every time but they have not kept up
their word.More than one month has lapsed since its maturity and no interest will be paid by the company beyond the maturity date.As I am urgently in need of money I don’t know how to get it from them and where I have to launch a complaint about the lethargic attitude prevailing in that company.The contact details to launch a complaint or availability of complaint cell is not known to me.So far I have made nearly 50 calls to that co.and all are vain.In the company’s web site I have informed them about this through an e.mail and that too has totally ignored. I need help to get my maturity amount immediately to meet out my urgent needs.General public like me will not face such trouble here after and hence I am placing this complaint.Please do the needful early.Yours,P.Nagarajan.6/8/2012

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