Non Refund of airline ticket – Indigo Airline ticket not generated by Travel Cha Cha

Location/place: Lucknow

Name of company/service: Travel Cha Cha

I had logged on to the travel company called Travel Cha on 25.4.2012 for booking a ticket from Lucknow to Bangalore by INDIGO airlines. I had booked 3 tickets for myself and my spouse and daughter. However the ticket was not generated as they had some problem. But my ICICI credit card account got debited for Rs. 24,525/- (Reference No 74332742117211657932988). Travel Cha Cha advised me that they are not in a position to generate the ticket. Hence on their telephonic advise and assurance that the refund will be made within two days I bought tickets again from Indigo directly. Travel Chacha assured me time and again that the payment will be made and after repeated follow up they sent me a mail on 25 May that the payment has been processed. However it was just an eye wash and the payment was not recredited to my Credit Card of ICICI.
Thinking that the payment has been credited to my ICICI card, I did not make full payment of my credit card dues for which the bank charged interest over Rs. 3000/- and thus I had to pay Rs. 24,525/- with interest. Despite repeated followup by me and assurances given by Travel chacha to honour the payment the same is not being made.I have made repeated telephone calls from Lucknow which has caused me undue mental harassment and torture. I have the mails that have been exchanged between us.
May I request you to kindly help me so that Travel Cha Cha may honour my payment.
The contact details of Travel Cha Cha are as follows:
Tel : + 91-11-45080808/49
Fax : + 91-11-41546820
E-mail : [email protected]
Please take necessary action before they deffraud other innocent individuals like me.
best regards,
Gouresh Kotian
my email id [email protected]

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