Location/place: KOLKATA

Name of company/service: VAISHNAVA MATRIMONY

Mr. Sushanta Dey, a marketing agent from community matrimony (6 Southern Avenue, Kolkata), came in contact with me and told that they have around 27 profiles of bride which matches exactly my preferences and that they will immediately sent all the profiles at the moment I become a paid member.
At first I denied and told him that I have searched their website and found no matching profiles satisfying my preferences. But Mr. Sushanta Dey argued that since I am a non-paid member it is not possible for me to view those profiles because all the 27 profiles exactly matching my requirements are paid members. Thereafter, I told him that once they forward me all the profiles with hidden contact details, I will become a paid member to get those contacts provided they suits me.
The criteria fixed by me are as follows –
1) Bengali Bride aged between 20 to 27 years.
2) Height between 4 ft 10 inch to 5 ft 2 inch.
3) Living in and around Kolkata or nearby districts of West Bengal.
4) Education min. graduate.
5) Strictly vegetarian and preferably a devotee.
6) Good looking and fair complexion.
But after repeated appeals from Mr. Sushanta, I somehow get convinced and handed over a cheque in favour of Consim Info Pvt. Ltd.(cheque no. 721527 dt. 28-5-2012) of Rs. 2600/- to them. My id is VAS103732.
The cheque already has been cleared but till now I have received no services even after two month. They have not even sent any profile matching my preferences. Now, I believe that Mr. Sushanta Dey has made false claim and they do not have any single profile matching my preferences. Therefore, I want refund of money. I have also filed complaint in their website and they have not taken any step and requesting me to wait till such preferred profile get registered with them. Thus they are actually condemning that such profiles are not present with them. But the interesting fact is that Mr. Sushanta is still trying to convince me that such profile exists with them and they are engaged with some other parties. Such type of false commitments are being given repeatedly from the agents of vaishnava matrimony. I want a true justice for this matter.

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